The Fake News reported was so slanted against the Philippine President, that I had to make my own statement of fact.
See that fake report here:

"BULL SHIT REPORTING! Mass Media again pushes false or fake news RIGHT HERE IN THIS "REPORT". Kahit na may katiwalian sa lahat ng mga pamahalaan, oo ito ay totoo ngunit ginagawa ni Pangulong Duterte ang lahat ng makakaya niya sa pag-alis nito kasama ang lahat ng iba pang masasamang tao. - Sorry for my poor translation, so here it is in English: Even though there is corruption in all governments, yes it is true but President Duterte is doing all he can to weed it out along with all other bad people. Yes, even though some good people have died as a result of this war on drugs, still it is the people who will benefit in the end with a more peaceful society and the young kids who are the future... will benefit the most. I do not know this man Duterte and was skeptical, but he has done everything he has promised to do.

I talked with an 89 year old woman in Cebu who has been afraid to go outside at night because of all the crime in past years, but now for the first time in many years she told me that she is free to walk in her own neighborhood at nighttime and she is convinced that it is the result of this crack down on crime by her President Duterte. This is qa true report and in my many travels to bring medication and food to orphanages and aid to native Atea peoples in the mountains of Zambalas and Manyang native tribes near Puerto Galera. I do not lie, this is the real truth. Maraming Salamat Po."


See the worlds toughest cops, Philippines report:


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